The Features Related To Rod Bending Machines

Rod bending machines have been designed to conduct work on iron rods and steel bars. One of the major applications related to these machines is bending bars for the structures that are used with for concrete reinforcement.

Thanks to the rod bending machines, it is usually a more precise, fast and simple method to bend steel or iron. These machines are typically available in a various models and are issued out according to the necessity and application of every customer. Companies that commonly make use of these machines will include factories, mechanical industries and construction sites.



These rod bending machines are more commonly appreciated for:

Advanced technologies

Quality relating to the bend

Resistance to wear and tear

Precision related to the bending process

The Main Features Of Rod Bending Machines

Many bending machine manufacturers that create rod bending machines will typically feature a range of different models comprised of professional and efficient rod-bending machines. These machines feature top quality materials using the technologies of the last generation to offer results that are of a high-precision.


For each steel rod bender that is available on the market there will be a mechnical sheet?that resumes the main features and properties that are needed for optimal use. The sheets are extremely useful when it comes to choosing a suitable machine according to what the customer may need as well as to guarantee the top efficiency.

Some of the rod bending machines comes in the option of a semi-automatic function. These machines are regarded as cost effective, fast and durable. These machines are used for the application on bending reinforcement-bars including other round bar types. The features related to the rod bending machines are to effectively increase the production in relation to the capacity in a steel-yard, minimizing the need for manual labor.

Over and above these features, the semi-automatic range uses a heavy-duty gearbox that assists in delivering the best performance year-after-year. Rod bending machines are designed in such a way that they are proficient in carrying out heavy work easily and feature durable finishes.

GWH40 spiral

Rod bending machines are fabricated that they use advanced technology that offer top of the range performance in the specified time-frame. The products currently available on the market involve market-leading prices that often match up with budget constraints of various customers.

The majority of the rod bending machines are produced and designed according to what is known as the JG/T5085-1996 standard. They are typically used to bend carbon steel, screw-thread steel and hot-round steel for the purpose of construction.

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Benefits Of Rod Bending Machines

The spindle on the heavy-duty gear boxes are usually maintenance free.

Spool and column adopt what is known as an alloy steel of high quality, an increase in temperature-quenching treatments, increased wear resistance and higher hardness.

The electric cabinets on these machines are enclosed to ensure moisture proofing, prevent leakages and prevent dust.

The heaviness of the square and disc steel assists in bending bars far more accurately and precisely.

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