Introduction About The Most Cost-Effective Electric Concrete Mixer

electric concrete mixerAre you looking to get yourself a new concrete mixer? As you probably know, cement needs to be mixed well for it to serve its function optimally. The problem, however, is that there are tons of choices out there, making you feel overwhelmed and confused as to what to pick. To make the right decision, plenty of factors must be considered. But in most cases, an electric cement mixer proves to be an excellent choice. If you don’t know much about this type of mixer, then be sure to keep reading before you start your shopping.

There are electric concrete mixers on the market designed specifically for large scale operations. These are best used in construction sites or relatively large projects such as home renovations. The more powerful units run on three-phase electricity. If you want to achieve high productivity, you can also choose large cement mixer for sale, which can produce amounts of concrete mixture in a short time.

In case you have done a bit of research already, you probably know that the most popular type of mixer is the diesel mixer. As its name suggests, diesel is used to power up the machine. This is a great choice in situations where electricity supply is limited. In many construction sites, this is the type of mixer you probably see the most.

Over the past few years, however, electric mixers have become more popular. Instead of consuming diesel, the machine uses electricity to do its job at the same efficiency. What’s great about electric cement mixer is that it comes with a lower price tag. This fact alone should already convince you to check out this mixer and what it brings to the table that its diesel counterpart doesn’t.

electric concrete mixerAnother huge advantage is that an electric mixer requires minimal maintenance. You do not even have to worry about any oil or gas. There’s also no engine with hundreds of different moving parts, which means less worries about anything breaking down. The mixer can also be operated easily. Just plug it and it’s good to go. You don’t have to wait for oil to heat up like in a diesel cement mixer. The outside temperature also doesn’t matter.

Of course, you can also find smaller units for small scale operations. This proves to be the most cost-effective electric concrete mixer. You get excellent value for money without compromising on quality. Mini electric mixers or small batch concrete mixers are very easy to install and transport. They are mounted on wheels, and their light weight makes them a breeze to maneuver. These small units are even used in large scale operations because they can be transported between the floors of a building without any problems.

Now that you know more about electric concrete mixer, you should put it on top of your list as you begin your shopping. It offers a wealth of advantages over diesel mixers, particularly when it comes to ease of use, minimal maintenance, and upfront costs. Just make sure that you select the right size of mixer which can meet your daily target output. Doing so helps bring you closer toward your goal of finding the most cost-effective electric concrete mixer on the market. Last but not least, choosing a famous concrete machine supplier is essential, I heard that there is a company, whose concrete mixers have had a good sales volume and reputation at home and abroad, you can have a look.

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Choose The Best Concrete Mixer For Your Project With These Tips

Are you building a new home or some other type of building? If you are, then you will probably need to build a foundation or lay a concrete slab before beginning construction on the building. Before you get started, you will have a few decisions to make. One of these is whether or not to hire someone else to pour the concrete or to do it yourself. While hiring a company that specializes in concrete can be a good idea, especially if your concrete project is challenging, it is also possible for you or one of your employees to pour the necessary concrete yourself.

There are many types of concrete mobile mixer which you can either purchase or rent and use to mix and pour the concrete right on your construction site. You can also contract for a truck to come in that will mix the concrete and then pour it. Once poured, you will then be responsible for ensuring the concrete is smoothed and evened before it settles.

horizontal shaft concrete mixer

horizontal shaft concrete mixer

The most common type of concrete mixer is a horizontal mixer. This concrete mixer will typically consist of a big drum which is slowly turned to mix the concrete ingredients. This type of mixer can be found on the back of a truck or are available in several portable designs. There are several sizes of portable horizontal mixers, including mini mixers, electric, diesel and gas, and the large industrial sizes.

Mini mixers are a good choice when you have a smaller concrete job and want to mix the concrete ingredients right on site. These types of mixers are generally limited to small quantities of concrete per batch, so it may take more than one batch if your project is large.

An electric concrete mixer is another popular choice. Of course, it required electricity to operate, which may be a challenge on some construction sites. If you do not have electricity readily available, you may want to consider another type of horizontal concrete mixer.

Gas or diesel operated mixers are a good choice if you want portability and do not have access to a steady supply of electricity. These types of concrete mixers tend to be more expensive, but since they do not need electricity to operate, they can be used anywhere. Gas mixers are less expensive than diesel, but both are a good choice.

horizontal concrete mixer

horizontal concrete mixer

If your construction job is larger, you may want to consider an industrial horizontal concrete mixer. These are large and designed for maximum concrete output. This type of mixer will have two shaft batch mixers and are capable of mixing concrete very quickly and efficiently. The industrial concrete mixer is very powerful and perfect for a construction project that requires a lot of concrete. Click to get more details about horizontal shaft concrete mixer.

If it is not possible to position a large industrial concrete mixer on your project, you may want to hire a concrete truck to mix the concrete and then deliver it to your job site. Most of these trucks will not travel more than 90 minutes because the concrete can harden.

All of these are good choices for mixing and pouring concrete. The best choice will depend on your project location and size. Aimix, a professional concrete mixer manufacturer and supplier, can provide various quality horizontal shaft concrete mixer with competitive price. If you are interested in Aimix concrete mixers for sale, click to get more information.

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What Sets A Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer Apart

Concrete is a very old but vital material in every construction job. With the availability of concrete mixers, the work of making high volumes of concrete quickly and effectively is easily achieved. Concrete mixers exist in various forms, models and sizes. The twin shaft concrete mixers have constantly grown in popularity among constructors and owners of concrete plants because they provide a highly proven and reliable solution for large scale mixing projects with high output demand.

JS4000 concrete mixer

The twin-shaft mixer bears a tremendous mixing efficiency and is capable of producing larger volumes of concrete compared to other types of mixers. Its axles or shafts feature geometrically arranged blades that follow the motion of an interrupted spiral. This motion facilitates even distribution of material in the mixture resulting in homogeneous concrete. The overlapping axles cause short mixing cycles which translate to a high throughput. In some of the mixers, axle movement can be adjusted to produce varying concrete consistencies. Click here to know more:

Twin-shaft concrete mixers are also characterized by a relatively higher filling capacity than other mixers. They feature a compact size which allows them to be installed in already existing mixing plants without any difficulty. Common types of twin-axle mixers include batch as well as continuous twin-shaft mixers. A batch mixer produces concrete in sets while a continuous mixer is characterized by a steady flow that is controlled by volumetric proportions which keep changing during the production process. Also, we have many types of mobile concrete mixers for sale.

twin shaftA twin-shaft concrete mixer carries a more vigorous mixing power with lower energy consumption. Its reasonable structure design promotes even mixing, which is not achievable in single-shaft mixers where there is slow and inadequate dispatch of materials. The mixer’s high intensity of motion results in very high output capacities making it ideal for use in both batch and continuous production. Most twin-shaft mixers have an automatic self-cleansing system which is very easy to maintain. Besides, the stationary concrete mixers have many advantages, such as high mixing effect, high productivity.

The twin-shaft concrete mixer is applicable for the ready-mix concrete industry as well as large, medium and small concrete factories. It can be used to mix hard-dry concrete, fluid concrete, plastic concrete as well as light aggregate concrete and mortar. Because of its ability to produce large volumes within short cycles, the mixer is widely employed in road, bridge, water conservancy and other civil construction projects. It can either be used independently as the main mixer or as part of a concrete batching plant. Several brands and models of the twin-shaft mixer are available on the market to suit most customer’s requirements.

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Benefits of Portable Electric Cement Mixer

Machines are god sent. They make our work so much easier. They save us a lot of time an energy. For instance, instead of a builder manually mixing cement, he can use a cement mixer. It gives him the chance to have the work done without mixing a finger. In this case, instead of having just a cement mixer, the builder in question should consider buying a portable electric cement mixer. You can literally carry around a cement mixer.
Here are more reasons why every builder should have a portable electric cement mixer.

It is easy to use

portable cement mixerA portable electric cement mixer is very easy to use. In as much as it is used by architects, just about anyone can get it working. Well, you will need an architect to get all the measurements right, but getting it to work is pretty easy. Usually, it is drum concrete mixer in small size. For first time users, the portable electric cement mixer comes with a manual that is simple to follow. After the first try, you will be able to use it perfectly.

It is light

Despite the fact that it is a heavy-duty machine, a portable electric cement mixer is surprisingly light. Two people can easily carry it to and from the sight. This does not mean that it is not durable. It is. The materials used to make this machine; steel, is able to handle the heavy-duty work while at the same time giving the people using it and easy time moving it around.

It helps you save time and money

Considering the fact that the best portable cement mixer does work that ten men could do in a very short time, it saves you the money you would have otherwise used to hire labor. By having this cement mixer, you no longer need to hire men to manually mix the cement. In addition, the cement mixer can handle a huge workload in a very short time. This makes work really easy.

It powers easily

There might be a concern over where you will power the machine. Most portable electric cement mixers come with a portable power supply. A power generator if you will. This means that all you will have to do is buy fuel from a gas station and you are set. You will not have to worry about finding an electrical power source. Regardless of where the construction site is, you can power your portable electric cement mixer. To learn more about this mixer, you can have a look at this page:

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Essential Features of an Electric Concrete Mixer

Whether you are starting your landscaping company or you are do-it-yourself enthusiast who would like to build your own garden, an electric concrete mixer is one of your first investments. And it is not an inexpensive one. So make sure that you are getting the best value when buying this essential equipment.

Drum Capacity

Drum capacity will determine the amount of concrete, stucco or mortar that can be mixed at one time. While at first you are likely to start at small amounts, consider purchasing one with a moderately-sized drum if you intend to double your production within one to two years.


Some motors can operate in as low as 0.5 HP. However if you will be including more materials, you may want to consider a more powerful electric concrete mixer.

Electric Concrete MixerRotation Speed

This may range from 28-30 rotations per minute for small electric concrete mixers. Such rpm is just what is needed for construction requirements. If you will be using the mixer for other purposes, such as for inoculating seeds, check the effect of rotation speed on the process.

Drum Diameter

While drum diameter is an often negligible feature, this may affect your choice depending on the amount of material that you need to process.

Overall size

Size if of importance if you have a small storage space for your construction equipment. Also, this needs to be considered when transporting and storing the equipment at the landscaping site.

Lead time

Once you have decided on a brand and model of an electric concrete mixer that will suit your needs, contact the company to inquire on its availability. If it is not readily available, inquire about the delivery lead time. Most of the work that need to be done can only be started once you already have this equipment.

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